Nov 022005

My Google Alert that pulls up all new web pages mentioning geocaching pulled up an article from the Albany, OR, Democrat-Herald about GPS Cache Quest, LLC hoping to cash in on geocaching by hiding $100 rewards in ‘proprietary’ geocaches for the first finder.

I really don’t see this business model working. I am not sure who would be willing to pay $19.95 a month for a chance at $100.

First off, there are people right now who have nothing better to do than drop everything and attempt to be the First to Find (FTF) on ‘free’ caches just for the joy of being the first to sign the log. Give them a $100 incentive and I would never stand a chance.

Second, what are the chances of these caches ever being hidden in Podunk, Washington?

Third, and most importantly, I like to hunt caches that are placed in interesting places in town or in the woods. The joy is in the hunt, in talking about the hunt later with friends, in discovering areas you did not have any idea existed.

I think the statement made by Tim Mattson, spokesman for GPS Cache Quest, is real telling:

?I tried geocaching a year ago and then didn?t do it again until three months ago,? Mattson said. ?I love it because it gets me out of the house and into nature. I have gotten to see so many places I hadn?t seen before. I?ve been in places where it?s almost silent.?

So, what we have here is a noob who thinks he has discovered a way to cache in (pun intended) on this ‘new’ fangled thing called geocaching. May this idea die the quick death it deserves.

  2 Responses to “Caching for Cash – A really dumb idea”

  1. When you consider the gas and time you could spend to find one, $100 doesn’t seem like hardly any money at all. It sounds like the idea from someone who really has no idea why people do geo-caching in the first place.

  2. My dad just used the word, ‘noob’. My life is complete. ^_^

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