Sep 202021


  • Use for non-app e-signatures
  • Maybe down the road if ever can use PDFs, then can replace Docusign


  • E-Signatures


  • $449 LTD


  • Uses WordPress.
  • Create sign. subdomain for installation



Sep 192021


Pull FAQs from posts and turn into 1 minute videos that can be posted on:

  • YouTube
  • MCI website KB along with the FAQ
  • On Social Media using Social Bee


SEO content for the website


  • Rewrite each FAQ with Hook, Ignite, Solution, CTA
    • Develop Hook & Ignite for each FAQ.
    • Rewrite FAQ as Solution
    • CTA: Call and speak to one of our licensed agents or request a quote.
  • Create Wave.Video using above text
  • Publish Reworked Text & Video on:
    • YouTube
    • MCI Knoledge Base
    • Answer People Also Ask questions
    • SocialBee “Did You Know FAQs”

BlitzMedia 1 Minute Video Summary

Hook (3 seconds) – This part should capture the attention of your audience IMMEDIATELY. There’ll be no room for a video bumper, your name or reusing what you see in a TV spot.

Ignite pain/pleasure (12 seconds) – Present a problem or opportunity to your audience. Ask a question, show either success or failure, make clear the benefit of them watching on.

Describe solution (35 seconds) – Once you present either pain or pleasure, show them what solution you’re offering: either a product or a service that caters to your pain or pleasure proposition.

Call to action (10 seconds) – Tell your audience what you want them to do. Empower them to take action and be proactive.

Source: BlitzMetrics:


  • Search old SocialBee “Did You Know FAQs”
  • Search old FAQs in MCI posts


Aug 212021

Goal – What I hope to do with the tool

Build a chatbot for lead capture on my website, GMB, and Facebook. Also looks like may be able to integrate into Twillio for lead capture, etc.

Collect leads, Drive sales & engaged prospects through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Business Messenger, SMS, Voice, Slack, Telegram, Wechat, etc

First Contact

Travis mentioned it to me, I dismissed it, then saw some more info about it. Read more, watched some of their videos, and was intrigued.

For a short period of time, they just started offering a lifetime deal price between $99 and $499 depending on how many users you want on the system.


Looks like would need to do the Agency level because each user in the office would need access to the chatbot. The next level down only offers 5 users.

First Projects – Get’r Done

What would I build out first?

  1. Facebook chatbot (because most familiar)
  2. GMB chatbot
  3. Website chatbot
  4. Twilio IVR chatbot

Needed to Start

Nothing else appears to be needed


Can I install FB messenger on my website to implement the chatbot? Seems that is what they are doing on their website.



Best Practices to consider while developing Chatbots for your business

  1. Define the scope/role of the bot
  2. Who is the audience
  3. Understand what the bot is supposed to perform
  4. Possible hurdles may face
Aug 162021

Goal – What I hope to do with the tool

Use SEO AutoPilot (SEOAP) to build high-quality backlinks to MCI city pages & service pages using Web2.0 and other sites. My hope is that by getting more high quality backlinks I can move up in the SERPs on difficult keyword terms.

Get High-Quality Backlinks from authority sources for your or your clients’ websites, build natural link profiles and watch your rankings skyrocket on SERPs!

Will need to come up with some numbers for Before & After comparison. Backlinks, Ranking, ?


  • Home Pages
  • City Pages
  • Service/Product Pages
  • Geo Directories
  • Press Releases
  • YouTube Videos
  • GMB Rankings w/embeded Map Feature

First Contact

First ran across SEO AutoPilot in a cryptic comment from the Site Search FB group shared by Travis on 8/4/2021:

“Here’s the lowdown (on getting search sites indexed):  SEO Autopilot is the secret – and it just requires using the bookmark sites which is super-easy to build a campaign with for each niche you’re doing. You don’t need the Web 2.0’s and crazy links like that which require articles, images, etc so don’t even bother with that for this purpose.I built a super-slick bookmark diagram with about 10-12 bookmark sites as tier 1 going to the ‘money sites’ and 2-3 bookmarks going to each of the tier 1 bookmarks as tier 2s. I’m willing to share the diagram if you like or you can build your own. You can index between 4 and 10 of those links at the same time with this method!”

and also:

“I would recommend aging your sites with SEOAP and getting the anchors mostly neutral or naked then everything is game.”


Found quite a bit of info about SEOAP on 2 sites, and Both are affiliate sites and had discount coupons. The problem is it appears the coupons expired quite a while back. The SEOAP website had a discount coupon as well but turns out it expired 3+ months ago.

I began to worry when I realized the affiliate info and all the YouTube videos are from last year. Nothing has been published in recent months anywhere. I reached out to a couple of people on FB and found a few that are using it and Devender Garg messaged me back:

“But the tool is fully functional and they are even bringing a V3 of it”

First Projects

Search.Subdomain Site

Pillow Strategy for MCI

YouTube channel

Needed to Start

Captcha Service

Suggested: CapMonster w/2Captcha as backup.

Top10 Capcha Solvers
Captcha API mandatory
Used 2x for every account creation

  • email accounts
  • Web 2.0 accounts
  • Social 
  • Edu

$0.30 – $0.80 /1k

Setup video


$3/1k ReCaptcha, $1/1k other Captchas. 
recommended by…

Email w/Catch-All


($0.05 / 1k if maxed out)
$17/m for 12500 indexes per day x 30 days = 375k per month

One Hour Indexer 

($0.50 / 1k if maxed out 30k per month)
recommended by SEOAutoPilotCoupon
$17/m for 1000 indexes per day x 30 days = 30,000 indexes.
$0.56 per day (Omega is cheaper if going to run less than 25 links per day)

Omega Indexer

$0.02 per link
25 links/day = $0.50 (above this, One Hour Indexer is cheaper)
850 links = $17 – so once pass the 850 then OHI might be better deal.


$49/m for 50k links ($1/1k)
Does not index – just requests crawl
No need to “index’ every link – but One Hour Indexer seems cheaper.


Not required but recommended.

How do you decide how many you need?
Is it by number of threads you will be running? Then only need 1 to start.
Recommended: 10 to 15 proxies or more

Gregg Thorpe: Blazing Proxies works very well for me… I actually opted for semi-dedicated proxies as it allows me to use so many more proxies for the price. And since they are BINDED, I DO NOT switch out proxies ever

Blazing SEO 

$2/Dedicated Proxy 

$2/Dedicated Proxy in packs of 5


Spin Rewriter

Already own software

Prep Spreadsheets

Search.Subdomain Site sheet

MCI Pillow Strategy sheet

Pillow Strategy sheet

Pillow Strategy sheet

Pillow Strategy YouTube channel sheet


  • Can I create “city” web2.0 profiles to push MCI, Broadform, SR22, GMB, and GeoDirectires for single cities?
  • Can I create “product” web2.0 profiles for specific products?


  • Program:
    • $997 LTD – 1 license
  • Captcha Service
    • $10 – $20/m
  • Indexer
    • $17/m
  • Proxies:
    • $2 – $20/m
  • Email w/Catch-All