Oct 222011

Hard to believe the cross country season is almost over. For more than half the runners here, today was their last cross country race of the season since not every team advances to the Regional meet and there will not be any more JV races.

3A Boys Varsity

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Boys Varsity Following up on the League Meet last week, Kamiakin once again shut out the competition, finishing with the top 6 runners and all seven runners from the team finished in the top 10.

With all 5 scoring runners in front, Kamiakin scored a perfect 15, West Valley second with 99 points, and Sunnyside third with 112. Other team scores were 4th Southridge 119, 5th Hanford 135, 6th Eastmont 135, 7th Kennewick 147, and 8th Pasco 203. The first four runners all came in under 16 minutes; Anthony Armstrong 14:41 (Kamiakin), Keegan McCormick 15:40 (Kamiakin), Austin Oser 15:45 (Kamiakin), and Austin Richards 15:53 (Kamiakin).

Event Photos:

3A Girls Varsity

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Girls Varsity The Kamiakin Varsity Girls had a great race, winning with 26 points. Southridge was 2nd with 43, 3rd Hanford 93, 4th Eastmont 96, 5th West Valley 112, 6th Sunnyside 182, and 7th Kennewick 193.

All 5 of Kamiakin’s scoring runners finished in the top 10 and the remaining two runners finished in the top 15. Stephanie Rexus (Kamiakin) ran the course in 17:53, her first time to break the 18 minute barrier. Rachel Dahl (Southridge) came in second at 18:38 and Michelle Fletcher (Kamiakin) took 3rd with 18:54.

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3A Boys JV

2011-10-20 CBBN District Championship - 3A Boys JV The Kamiakin JV Boys once again showed that they are more than just the best JV team in the district. When the top 20 JV runners were called up for awards, the first 13 were all from Kamiakin and only 4 of the 20 were from other schools. Based on their times, three of the JV runners would have placed within the top 20 Varsity runners: Phil Snyder, Kyle Paulson, and Kevin Paulson. Amazing! The top 5 JV runners all finished under 17 minutes for the 3 mile course and a total of 16 Kamiakin runners were under 18 minutes.

As a matter of fact, if the Kamiakin JV Boys had fielded a second 7 man Varsity team at Districts, they would have taken 2nd place: Kamiakin: 15, Kamiakin JV: 103, West Valley: 115, Sunnyside: 130. Too bad the Kamiakin JV team cannot run Regionals this next week.

Event Photos:

Meet Photos

Links to photos of the meet. If you know of other photos, please let me know and I will add them.

Results Source: Athletic.net

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