Aug 172010
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I left the office as the sun was going down and immediately wished I had left earlier. The clouds were quite distinct and the sun was casting a beautiful orange glow over the whole western sky. I drove as quickly as I could dared down to the river where I hoped to get an unobstructed view of the setting sun over the river and Rattlesnake Mountain.

Even though I made record time down Columbia Center Blvd, the sun had definitely gone down a little further by the time I got down to the river. I hopped out of the car and took some photos from the parking area which gave a great view but then walked down to the causeway to get some water level shots as well.

I forgot I would be battling not just the setting sun but also mosquitoes! As soon as I got down to the causeway, the mosquitoes realized dinner had arrived. I also would make sure to put some bug spray in my camera pack!

All in all I am happy with the results. At least 2 of these will get enlarged to 8×12 and one of those might even get some more fancy treatment. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

  3 Responses to “Bateman Island Sunset”

  1. What a great view for a sunset! My favorites are photos 4 and 5. Hope those mosquito bites aren’t too bad, I got chomped on the other night!!

  2. Gary… have an unknown gift (at least to me)…!! Didn’t realize that you like to take pictures…..all of them are absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Thanks Bess and Lynne! Lynne, I have loved photography since high school. Took a couple photography classes in college where I was able to develop and print my own B&W photos. Had a nice Pentax 35mm camera back then.

    Have always taken lots of pictures but never spent the money on a nice camera. My Canon S2 wore out a year ago and I tried to get by with a nice little Pentax point and shoot but it drove me crazy. Decided would splurge and get the Canon Rebel t2i. It has been a blast to have such a nice camera.

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