Jul 192004

As I start this online journal I am not sure where it will lead or what I will actually do with the space. My thoughts are it will give me a place to put thoughts on stuff I am reading, where possibly I can look back at later, or maybe even have others interact with.

Sometimes it is easier to write out your thoughts so you can interact with them and clarify them.  But sometimes my thoughts are not too clear and others might help me get a better grasp of the implications of my thoughts, and then I can change them.  That said, nothing posted here is more than my thoughts at the moment.  I am willing and more than ready to change my thinking when a well reasoned argument to the contrary is given.

As father of 7 (6 at home from 19 to 7 years old) and a wife who would like me to get more done at home, I doubt I will have too much time to keep up with too much, but this will give me a place to post as I ruminate on my cud.

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  1. Hi Bonnie!

    Hmmm… You asked “What is blogging?” Mainly it is a just a different way to put stuff on the web that interests me. I used to try to keep up a web site – http://www.gpaulson.doesntexist.com but it is hard to maintain and is pretty static. A blog (short for web log) is almost like a public journal. This, my first post Beginnings – or Why I think I must blog? , gives a bit of my thinking when I started.

    Mainly I like having a place I can put things that have caught my interest. By writing it out I 1) get to share it with others and 2) have to think it through a little bit more than I might normally. An “official definition” of blogging can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog

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