Jan 132013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
Page: 56
Indeed, whole grain bread breaks down to glucose slower than white bread does, so its glycemic index (not load) is a little lower. However, those tiny kernels are packed with starch. Slice for slice, whole grain bread contains up to twice as much starch as white bread. You simply get more food in a slice of whole grain bread. The glycemic load of whole grain bread–which takes into account the amount of carbohydrate in a typical serving–is actually higher than that of white bread.

We have been told that whole grains are better for us. Even thought a slice of whole grain bread might be more nutritious, it also impacts blood glucose more than plain white bread. If you are insulin resistant, in other words, starch is the culprit that is making you fat, then a slight bump in nutrition does not outweigh the glucose shock to your health.

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