Apr 282014

Influx. Daniel Suarez. I enjoyed the previous 3 books from Daniel Suarez, Daemon, Freedom(TM), and Kill Decision, so I was happy when I heard Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson discussing his newest book on their Security Now podcast a few weeks ago. I watched the library to get the ebook (or printed copy) as soon […]

Feb 152014

The Power of Reading. Stephen D. Krashen. While researching on Extensive Reading for foreign language acquisition I saw a number of references to articles by Stephen Krashen and this book in particular. Was pleased that my local library had this book on its shelves. Website: www.sdkrashen.com Twitter: @SKrashen Book PostsThe Power of Reading by Stephen […]

Feb 142014

Lone Survivor. Marcus Luttrell. I did not realize the audiobook was abridged. I probably would have read the book and not listened to it had I realized it before. But not going to go back and read it. Thoughts: Seems more like a ‘hagiography’ than an actual firsthand account. His unwavering flag-waving patriotism is what […]

Feb 132014

How to Be Interesting. Jessica Hagy. Just started reading “How to be Interesting” by Jessica Hagy. This is one of the 14 books recommended by Seth Godin to read this year. About this book he says: If you’ve ever read my About page, you know that I found life after college to be impossibly boring. […]

Jan 252014

Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman. Going back and reading more Neil Gaiman. Soon I may be reading the Sandman series… Book PostsNeverwhere by Neil GaimanBook InfoNeverwhere by Neil GaimanPublisher: William Morrow Paperbacks Published: 09/02/2003 ISBN-10: 0060557818 ISBN-13: 978-0060557812 Started: 01/02/2014 Finished: 02/04/2014 Source: Library Format: ebook Publisher SynopsisUnder the streets of London there’s a place most people […]

Jan 212014

MockingJay. Suzanne Collins. Having listened to the first two volumes of The Hunger Games, I need to see how the story would be wrapped up. Book PostsMockingjay by Suzanne CollinsBook InfoMockingJay by Suzanne CollinsPublisher: Scholastic Press Published: 08/24/2010 ISBN-10: 0545663261 ISBN-13: 978-0545663267 Started: 12/28/2013 Finished: 01/21/2014 Source: Library Format: Overdrive Audiobook Publisher SynopsisAgainst all odds, […]

Jan 192014

A Theology of Matthew. Charles Quarles. NetGalley had this title available for review from P&R Publishing, one of my favorite publishers. I have not read many commentaries lately and this looked to be an interesting one. Book PostsA Theology of Matthew by Charles QuarlesBook InfoA Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed As Deliverer, King, and Incarnate […]

Jan 182014

Still Foolin’ em. Billy Crystal. I saw this on the New York Times Best Seller list as #2 when it debuted in September 2013 (behind Si-ology) and having just finished “Princess Bride” (the book) I was reminded how much I enjoyed Miracle Max. Book PostsStill Foolin’ Em by Billy CrystalBook InfoStill Foolin’ em: Where I’ve […]