Jun 162014

The Newcomer. Robyn Carr. Started listening to “The Chance” which I did not realize was book 4 in Robyn Carr’s Thunderpoint series. I had read book 1 at the end of last year so rather than continue, I returned “The Chance” to the library and checked out book 2 of the series, this one. “Romance” […]

Jun 142014

Allegiant. Veronica Roth. The first book in the series was intriguing, the second was a stretch, and this final installment was disappointing. It was not just the ending that was a disappointment but the entire story arc. Without spoilers, I cannot understand how the final actions of our protagonists could have had any impact on […]

Jun 092014
Happy Clouds, Happy Trees by Congdon, Blandly & Coeyman

Happy Clouds, Happy Trees. Congdon, Blandly & Coeyman . When I saw this book on NetGalley I figured it could be interesting. Bob Ross had a way with making people feel comfortable and he made painting seem so simple. I hope that I can pick up some ideas I can transfer to my photography. But, […]

Apr 282014

Influx. Daniel Suarez. I enjoyed the previous 3 books from Daniel Suarez, Daemon, Freedom(TM), and Kill Decision, so I was happy when I heard Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson discussing his newest book on their Security Now podcast a few weeks ago. I watched the library to get the ebook (or printed copy) as soon […]

Feb 282014

The Power of Reading. Stephen D. Krashen. When second language acquirers read for pleasure, they develop the competence to move from the beginning “ordinary conversational” level where they can use the second language for more demanding purposes, such as the study of literature, business, and so on. As some of the studies discussed earlier in […]

Feb 212014
Reading is the only way

The Power of Reading. Stephen D. Krashen. Want to improve your writing style? Develop your vocabulary? Understand grammar? Spell better? Krashen details study after study that show that free reading, reading what you want, is the best, if not only way, to improve your literary skills. Krashen writes: Studies showing that reading enhances literacy development […]