Oct 092014

The Way of Kings. Brandon Sanderson. Page: Audio Part 30 – 47min 45secThe purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon. ? Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings When this line was spoken in the book, a light went off in my head […]

Feb 282014

The Power of Reading. Stephen D. Krashen. When second language acquirers read for pleasure, they develop the competence to move from the beginning “ordinary conversational” level where they can use the second language for more demanding purposes, such as the study of literature, business, and so on. As some of the studies discussed earlier in […]

Feb 212014
Reading is the only way

The Power of Reading. Stephen D. Krashen. Want to improve your writing style? Develop your vocabulary? Understand grammar? Spell better? Krashen details study after study that show that free reading, reading what you want, is the best, if not only way, to improve your literary skills. Krashen writes: Studies showing that reading enhances literacy development […]