Sep 222012
Wheat Belly - Not Just a Scientific Horror Story

In the comment section of the latest Wheat Belly blog, someone asked what can you eat if you don’t eat wheat, I love the response: I’m going to guess that you haven’t read the WB book, because it’s not just a scientific horror story, it’s a scientific horror story with recipes. Source: Diabetes: “Cured by […]

Mar 042010

::amazonad(“0763644102″,”The Magician’s Elephant”):: You would think that I would get more read this month. I was on a week long cruise down the Mexican coast with lots of ‘dead’ time. 4 books went in to my suitcase, didn’t even finish one of them. Still, was able to read through 4 books and listen to an […]

Feb 132010

::imageright(“”,”Seized”):: I just received notice from the Barnes & Noble Sneak Peak program that I will be receiving an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) of the book Seized: A Sea Captain’s Adventures Battling Scoundrels and Pirates While Recovering Stolen Ships in the World’s Most Troubled Waters by Max Hardberger. Barnes & Noble’s ‘Sneak Peek’ is a […]

Feb 092010

Review Modern sensibilities are challenged and unable to protect our young protagonist, Dana, when she finds herself transported to the Antebellum South. She will travel back to plantation life 6 times to ‘save’ a young boy as he grows up. She soon realizes that he is (or is going to be) her great-great-grandfather. Her great-great-grandmother […]