Jul 132005

::imageright(“http://www.recreationalexplosives.org/video/images/Kim_Griffis_Boomer.jpg”,”BoomerShoot”):: The Boomershoot at the Lewiston Pistol Club (warning: audio output) looks to be quite an event. There are some interesting videos of shooting exploding targets!

This is the net home of the Lewiston Pistol Club Boomershoot. This is a long range, high-power, precision rifle shooting event with high explosive, reactive targets up to 700 yards away. As if you needed one — this is a great excuse to visit Idaho.

I have a couple things around the house that I would like to shoot – and see explode. Hmmm…

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  1. Looks like a hoot! Nice having the news show something positive about firearms once in a while.

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