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Many companies now use credit scores to determine rates. Statistically those who have accidents also have poor credit. It is probably a combination of the fact that 1) when you are not able to pay your bills you are distracted and more likely to have an accident and 2) if you are irresponsible about your bills you will probably be irresponsible with your driving habits. As with all statistics they do not apply to individuals just to groups. Everyone with bad credit thinks they are a good driver, just like every 17 year old thinks he is a good driver.

Well, now that credit is being used for insurance rates, what else can be used as a predictor of future accidents? Why not the oldest ‘science’ of them all – Astrology!

From Insurance Journal:

Many people turn to the stars for direction in matters of money, love and happiness. Now, according to a survey conducted by Prudential Car Insurance in the United Kingdom, it appears that the zodiac may also play a role in driving behaviors.

The survey revealed that drivers’ skills on the road and propensities toward filing insurance claims seemed to be related to their astrological identity. Around 2,000 drivers were surveyed and people under the same star-sign reported similar claims experiences.

Astrological ideology suggests those born under the sign of Cancer tend to be shy, sensitive and demure. Apparently they come out of their shells to make car insurance claims. A third of Cancers surveyed made a claim–the highest of all the signs.

A companion article gives these statistics:

Drivers born under the sign of Leo reported the highest number of claims for accidental damage ? something perhaps born out of the Lion?s self-confessed ?fast? driving style. In fact, Cancer and Leo drivers were found to be twice as likely than their Gemini, Sagittarian or Piscean peers to make a claim.

Gemini drivers were top of the driving class, reporting the lowest level of claims, closely followed by Sagittarius and Pisces. But, despite their good driving record, Geminis appeared to be the least security conscious, reporting the most number of claims for theft.

Those born under the sign of Aries can be proud of an impressive safety record, with the lowest number of claims for theft, but those ?nervous? Virgos are a worry, with a quarter admitting to being hesitant and easily distracted when driving.

Who makes the most insurance claims? Here are the lists, in order, from highest to lowest:


1. Cancer 2. Leo 3. Capricorn 4. Scorpio 5. Aries 6. Virgo 7. Aquarius 8. Taurus 9. Libra 10. Pisces 11. Sagittarius 12. Gemini.


1. Leo 2. Cancer 3. Aries 4. Capricorn 5. Scorpio 6. Aquarius 7. Virgo 8. Taurus 9. Libra 10. Pisces 11. Sagittarius 12. Gemini.


1. Gemini 2. Pisces 3. Cancer 4. Sagittarius 5. Taurus 6. Capricorn 7. Leo 8. Aquarius 9. Libra 10. Scorpio 11. Virgo 12. Aries

Prudential?s Zodiac Guide to Driving Behaviour

?Gentle? Aquarius (21 January ? 19 February)

The gentle qualities associated with Aquarius are reflected in an average claims record on all counts. The Aquarian driver considers himself to be sensible, responsible and family-orientated, with a relaxed, patient attitude to driving.

Star driver: Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton

?Considerate? Pisces (20 February ? 20 March)

Drivers born under the sign of Pisces modestly consider themselves to be the most ?sensible? and ?responsible? on the road, boosted by a relatively confident and considerate approach to handling the perils of their fellow drivers. A positive mental attitude that pays off ? these drivers record one of the lowest number of claims for accidental damage.

Star driver: Charlotte Church, Pete Doherty

?Aggressive? Aries (21 March ? 20 April)

Maintaining an even temper for drivers born under the sign of Aries seems to the biggest challenge once they are behind the wheel ? a third admit that they frequently become aggressive and impatient with other drivers. Interestingly they also declare themselves to be the smartest and safest drivers, but with one of the highest number of claims records amongst the group they should keep that attitude in check!

Star driver: Elton John, Rachel Stevens

?Steady? Taurus (21 April ? 21 May)

The bull ? solid and steady! Drivers born under the sign of Taurus are a pretty safe bet on the road, reporting an average number of claims across all areas. But hold on to your hats ? despite an impressive safety record, Taurus drivers confess to a passion for speed!

Star driver: Tony Blair, Uma Thurman

?Sensible? Gemini (22 May ? 21 June)

Drivers born under the star sign of Gemini consider themselves to be ?safe?, ?sensible? and ?considerate? behind the wheel, behaving responsibly and patiently towards fellow drivers on the road. It is no surprise to reveal therefore that those under the star sign of Gemini are at the top of the driving class, reporting the lowest level of claims. But while twin one portrays a vision of calm on the road, twin two needs to pay more attention to security because Gemini drivers also report the highest number of claims for theft.

Star driver: Jamie Oliver, Jordan and Celebrity Love Island contestant and ex-footballer Lee Sharpe

?Carefree? Cancer (22 June ? 23 July)

Drivers born under the star sign of Cancer may believe themselves to be ?responsible? and ?considerate? on the roads, but not so according to their number of insurance claims. This birth sign reports the highest number of claims overall.

Star driver: Cheryl Tweedy (Girls Aloud)

?Fiery? Leo (24 July ? 23 August)

Perhaps better suited to the open African plains than the open road, drivers born under the star sign of Leo follow hot on the heels of Cancer drivers, recording one of the highest number of insurance claims amongst the group. Passengers had better buckle up in preparation for the roar of a Leo behind the wheel ? drivers born under this star sign were found to be the fastest and most impatient drivers of the group.

Star driver: Geri Halliwell

?Nervous? Virgo (24 August ? 23 September)

In view of the fact that 2 out of the 3 Virgo drivers admit to a lack of confidence behind the wheel, and a further 25% reveal they are hesitant and easily distracted drivers, it comes as no surprise to find that the Virgo driver tops the class of those reporting an accident for which they were responsible. But overall the Virgo driver should be proud of an average claims record and other drivers could learn from a near perfect security record.

Star driver: Abi Titmuss, Kerry Katona, Hugh Grant

?Safe? Libra (24 September ? 23 October)

Bearing in mind the balanced, level-headed nature of the Libra driver, it is hardly surprising that this birth sign has an average claims history. Drivers born under this birth sign are a dependable, safe candidate on the road.

Star driver: Gwyneth Paltrow,

?Impatient? Scorpio (24 October ? 22 November)

The sting in the tail of the Scorpio driver is clear to see from the number of insurance claims made by this group ? amongst the highest. The Scorpio driver confesses his/her impatience towards other drivers on the road, evident from an above average number of claims for accidental damage.

Star driver: Kelly Osbourne, Jonathan Ross

?Calm? Sagittarius (23 November ? 22 December)

The honest characteristic of the Archer shines on the road. Pipped to the post by Gemini as the safest drivers, Sagittarian drivers nevertheless display an almost impeccable safety record. Their passengers can feel completely at ease with a calm and composed Sagittarius at the wheel.

Star driver: Brad Pitt

?Powerful? Capricorn (23 December ? 20 January)

Beware the Capricorn driver behind the wheel! Describing themselves as ?powerful? and ?impatient? the goat on the road in not a force to reckon with, particularly in view of the fact that drivers born under this sign report one of the highest number of claims for accidental damage.

Star drivers: Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher, Jay Kay

Skeptical Actuaries

While survey is fun, it may not be exactly represent smart business. Mark Allaben, fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society, acknowledges that insurers are always looking for ways to predict behavior thinks they are unlikely to rush out anytime soon to create a zodiac scoring system.

“We are always looking for relationships in private passenger auto we can measure for insight into predictors of driving behavior.” He added though, “I would say at this time [the zodiac] would have as much value as correlating driving exposure to what baseball team you like.”

Loretta Waters of the Insurance Information Institute agreed that there is little practical value in this discovery at this time. “Two thousand is not a representative sample,” she said. Though she did find it interesting and wanted to know where her sign placed on the list.

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  1. Yeah! Capricorns… Powerfull!!!

  2. Virgo = nervous Ain’t no lie. I’m one of them…phew!

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