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BSU Fiesta Bowl

Those who know me well know that I do not pay attention to footballl (or any sport) on TV or otherwise. But Boise State University went 12-0 this season, winning their conference championship and rated high enough in the national standings to be one of the teams play in the Fiesta Bowl. Why would I care? Well, Boise is my home town. My wife and I both did 2 years at Boise State University (she got an AA degree, I get the Alumni mail – go figure). And, my younger brother and his wife flew down to Arizona to catch the game.

We hoped Boise State would play well, hoping they would win — in the same way you hope you win the lottery — but not get shut down and being laughed at. Well, they are not being laughed at now. If every football game was as engaging as this one, I would be a football fan. This game had all the excitement of a scripted for the movies game. There were very few lulls in the action.

Anyway, I will not give a play by play, but just say that even though this may be the first and last game I watch this year, it was worth every minute.

The Wall Street Journal Daily Fix:

Last night’s Fiesta Bowl wasn’t college football’s best game ever, but it may have been the wildest — and its most significant.
Oklahoma came back from 18 points down to seize a seven-point lead with 62 seconds left, but then Boise State scored a tying touchdown on a hook-and-lateral play — a daring call suggested by a backup quarterback, and explained in a Wikipedia entry that already incorporates last night’s play — on fourth-and-18 with seven seconds left.
And that was just the game’s second most-spectacular play.
Together, the teams scored 22 points in the fourth quarter’s final two and a half minutes, and it could well have been 23. But after the tying touchdown, Boise State first-year coach Chris Petersen took the tie, saving his dynamite two-point conversion for overtime, after Boise State again scored a survival touchdown on fourth down. In the game’s winning play, similar to a Statue of Liberty play, Broncos quarterback Jared Zabransky faked a pass with his right hand while holding the ball behind his back with his left. Flawless blocking and confused defenders left Ian Johnson untouched as he scampered into the end zone…

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  1. The Idaho Statesman had an article about the game this today, and quoted my 10 year old nephew and his mom about the game:

    Kip Paulson, 10, donned a taco-shaped Fiesta Bowl hat; a prize his dad collected on his trip to the bowl game in Arizona.

    “I like Ian Johnson. I love football,” said Paulson, who wouldn’t wear a coat over his Bronco jersey despite chilly temperatures.

    Paulson’s parents, Jim and Paula, got back to Boise about 3 a.m. Tuesday after attending the game in Glendale. But that wasn’t enough Bronco time, so the family showed up to the late-afternoon rally.

    “It’s awesome for Boise. It’s awesome for BSU,” Paula Paulson said. “We showed the world we deserve a chance.”

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