Dec 282008

::iimageright(“accident.jpg”,”Photo by Hans van de Bruggen”):: The Wall Street Journal recently reported that more and more drivers are letting their insurance lapse or reducing their coverage as the economy sours. As you are driving, what are the chances that the guy coming up behind you does not have insurance? By not having insurance he not […]

Dec 262008

::iimageright(“Pedestrian.jpg”,”Car vs Pedestrian Accident”):: It scares me as I watched people walk on the snow covered streets because the snow plows have covered the sidewalks with a foot or more of snow. What amazes me is that everyone I have seen doing this is on the wrong side of the street. Instead of facing traffic […]

Feb 022008
Suquamish Super Bowl Weekend

My wife and I are spending this Super Bowl weekend at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort with a ([not-so-sexy->Sexy Insurance! Social Networking for the Insurance Industry]) bunch of insurance agents. Each year members of the Special Risk Agents Association (SRAA) of Washington and representatives from the companies we represent get together for an annual meeting […]

Feb 012008

::iimageright(“SexyInsurance.jpg”,”Sexy Insurance”):: You may think I am joking, but I am not. Sexy Insurance! bills itself as the world’s first international social networking site for the sexiest industry on the planet! I think it was the marketing department and not the actuaries who came up with that last statement. The site is designed to help […]

Oct 122007

::iimageright(“reject67.gif”,”reject67″):: Have you seen the TV ad with the young lady talking about how the insurance companies “killed” her dad, the firefighter, by denying his claim? Did it pull at your heartstrings? What if you found out the whole thing was false? That the referendum would have no impact on this situation? In what way […]

May 172007
Life Insurance

My wife continues to shatter my altered reality and remind me that I am getting older. It is sad but true, yet getting older does beat the alternative. We have decided it was time to work on our will. To do that I will probably have to sit down with someone, and they will look […]

Mar 232007

::iimageleft(“UnitrinSL.jpg”,”Unitrin in Second Life”):: According to Investor’s Business Daily, many ‘real world’ companies are acquiring property and generating a presence in the Second Life virtual world. Second Life claims to have 3.3 million registered users and is adding 230,000 users per week. The companies include some biggies like IBM, General Motors, Toyota Motor, Dell, Cisco […]