Aug 122005

I checked out from my local library a CD from CarTours titled “Driving Tours: Olympic Peninsula Road to Hurricane Ridge,” but I forgot to pack it and so could not take it with us on our [trip up to Hurricane Ridge->vacation-2005-olympic-national-park-hurricane-ridge-hike-to-hurricane-hill].

Motorists can drive the spectacular highway to Hurricane Ridge with an interesting group of experts, including tribal elders, scientists and park rangers, along for the ride. This economical and timely travel guide enriches the touring experience with intriguing facts, stories and legends of Olympic National Park.

Visitors and locals alike will find The Road to Hurricane Ridge an easy CD to enjoy. The first in a series of self-guided tours of Olympic National Park, the detailed narrative allows motorists to get the absolute most out of their trip. The tour begins at the entrance to the Park and winds its way through the stunning views of the Olympics as the road climbs 3400 feet over seventeen miles to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Gentle acoustical background music and authentic sounds of the forest enhances the story telling. Along the way the audio tour shares historical information that spans from primordial times to the present, including the areas violent and often frigid (20 separate glacial periods) geological history Drive this spectacular highway with an interesting group along for the ride, including a naturalist, an anthropologist, two tribal elders and three park rangers. “I drove up to Hurricane Ridge this morning, listening to the tape. It’s a really wonderful product and will help visitors better understand our park.” Michael Smithson, Olympic National Park

I was really kicking myself at the time , but I decided to listen to it when we got home now know we did not miss anything!

The narrator’s voice sounds like a ‘smooth fm disc jockey’ that is trying to put you to sleep. If it was just that, I could probably put up with it — I mean I listen to NPR most afternoons! But then they had Ben Charles, a Native-American ‘storyteller’ recall some legends of the area. I do not mean to disrespect the stories – but I think I am a better storyteller — and I cannot tell stories! He rambles and repeats himself and, at least to me, looses my attention with his style.

You can listen to a sample of the CD on the CarTours website. You can fast forward about 3 minutes into the sample to hear the ‘stories’ too.

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