May 142008

::imageright(“”,”Columbia River Paddlefest”)::

I have a new bee in my bonnet. Kayaking. Every time I go to Costco, that $375 Pelican kayak tempts me. Then, a couple weeks ago, one of my kids pointed out that on May 31st Columbia Kayak Adventures is sponsoring the Columbia River Paddlefest at Howard Amon Park in Richland. According to the site, more than 400 people have shown up to participate on the water the last 2 years.

::imageleft(“”,”Columbia River Paddlefest”)::

This year it is a two day event. Saturday, May 31st, from 9:30 am till at least 3:30 pm FREE classes and demos will be offered (pdf). This is a good opportunity to try out various types of kayaks and get to play in the water. The day before, on Friday, May 30th, some inexpensive kayaking classes are offered (pdf). These classes must are only $10 each but must be signed up for in advance. Among the classes there is a “Paddling With Kids” class that looks interesting. It is for families with kids 6-12 and covers safety issues, boat options, kids paddling strokes, and things to keep kids interested. I hope to be able to take off work for this class with my 11 year old daughter.

As to the bee, well I signed up for 3 kayaking classes through the Kennewick Recreation Department. For 2 of them I ended up on the waiting list, but it appears now that I will be doing all three classes. Details to follow….

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