May 232017

A quick read on the plane traveling to Ohio and back for the Hawksoft Users Group Conference. Although it was a quick read, I feel I underlined something on almost every page.


  • pg 5: “The consumer isn’t a moron, she is your wife.” — David Ogilvy
  • pg 31: – find popular hashtags then use them in FB, Twitter, & Instagram
  • pg 43: Facebook 3-3 – Write on 3 friend’s walls each day. Start 3 private chats each day. (with Carlos Vargas idea of unfollowing & lists)
  • pg 51: Critical Essentials for Every Facebook Ad:
    • Image
    • Extras on the image
    • Killer, Clever Copy
    • Specific Calls to Action
    • Mobile Optimized Ads
    • Link to a Proven Mousetrap
  • pg 55: C-cubed Facebook Ads – Capture, Create, Close
  • pg 88: Book: Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross (ordered)
  • pg 91: CRMs: Follow Up Boss, wilio, BetterVoice, SendHub
  • pg 91: SMS: “I just got your contact info from XXX, can you talk now?”
  • pg 92: Bursting: Call, Email, & Txt at same time
  • pg 96: Old lead email
    • Subject: Quick Question Body: Are you still looking for a better deal on your auto insurance? Signed: …
  • pg 98: – to research by keyword, source, or topic to show most socially shared articles online
  • pg 110: Charlie app w/schedule. Can Blitz integrate w/o outlook or google?
  • pg 113: Acknowledge: you just want to know ____. No problem. Respond: We have 8 different companies that we use to find the best possible rate for you. Let me get a bit more information from you to see what we can do. Pivot: <Ask your next probing question>


Ideas Sparked:

  • I understand you were recently shopping for insurance, have you already purchased a new policy or are you still looking for a good deal?
  • Add txt template: <name>, Sorry I missed you. Let me know when is a good time to call.
  • Need to revie email collection contest again
  • Do you want to talk to more insurance sales people or just get this started?
  • Intranet: WA County accessors and linked to Hawksoft
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee? or Customer Satisfaction?
  • Last month: $$ range for liab only & C&C
  • NatGen: 2 months down & 4 pay but can spread it out over 5
  • Lined paper w/quoting area & questions to ask
  • Replace company logos on website with reviews & names
  • Zillow FB page idea: Taste Test Tuesday. What can we do?

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