May 272008

OpenCulture had a link to an interesting video of the different patterns that are formed by sound waves. These Chladni patterns were first discovered in the 1600s and, as shown in this experiment, can be created by hooking up an electronic signal generator to a loudspeaker. Near the end of the video, when they had […]

Apr 242008

::iimageright(“CrazyMCycle.jpg”,””):: Ok, this is not an actual image of the guy riding his bike at 164 mph in Eugene. He had his video camera pointed at his speedometer. According to the article at the Eugene Register-Guard this is believed to be the fastest recorded speeder in Oregon. Others have claimed to be faster but this […]

Apr 102008

::iimagecenter(“Smoking.jpg”,”Smoking”):: I saw this ad over at Dark Roasted Blend and thought that it had a Michaelangelo quality.

Mar 122008 linked to this great montage of the great portraits of women in art. The video morphs the 90 subjects, from one painting to the next, in a semi-historical line. If you want to know more about each of the works of art, another person has taken the time to identify each painting. Maybe it […]

Mar 052008

No school crossing guards here. To get back and forth, there are two separate cables strung 1200 feet above the river, forming a giant X if viewed from the valley. Just bring your own pulley, seat, and brake and off you go! Looks like it would be quite a thrill. An average of 60 residents […]