Dec 162011

Costco Eyeglass Choices

Costco Eyeglass Choices

My last glasses were purchased at a local optician after I won a $200 gift certificate in a drawing. What amazed me was that after the $200 off, I was still out of pocket about the same amount I would have spent if I had just gone in to Costco.

So, after 2 years I decided to go back to Costco for an eye exam and some new glasses. My glasses have accumulated enough scratches that it is time. My optical prescription had not changed too much (always good) but when the doc toggled back and forth between my current prescription and the new one, I will be glad to have the new.

But now the hard part. Choices. Status Quo. Do I pick a pair of glasses based on what I am currently wearing? Or do I find something new? Something with more pizazz? Or just continue with something close to what I am wearing now and hope no one even notices the change.

So, Do I go with the top ones that are pretty close to what I have, or the second pair that are pretty close to the ones I have but a bit darker and wider on the sides, or pair three that are much wider and a bit more square.

Argh! Choices!

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  1. Be bold and embrace change! :D

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