Sep 212012

I have found the best way to get the word out about my photos is to put them on Facebook. Rather than put the photos on my personal page, I created a ‘fan page’ on Facebook, because 1) not all my Facebook ‘friends’ care about my photography, 2) people could ‘like’ my page and ‘tag’ the photos without having to ‘friend’ me, and 3) it just works better. By having them on Facebook, the athletes can tag themselves and friends, share the photos and albums on their personal and team pages, and comment on the photos.

Facebook Photo Gallery The problem with Facebook and photos, though, is that it has no way to group albums into galleries. I finally found a solution by creating a document that groups the photos together and can be linked to on my Facebook page. It has been easy to keep up-to-date but is taking some effort to go back and fill in the previous galleries (but some day…). I created the page using the free Google Sites which Google gives you if you have an account with them and then just had to create an image that I could use as a link to my Sports Photos on the front of my facebook page. The nice thing about doing this is that I can add pages for different seasons and sports easily without having to change anything on my Facebook page. Everytime I add a new album of photos, I add a link to the Sports Page and then share the album on the front of my Facebook page so people who are following my page know there has been an update.

Facebook is, of course, not the only place I put my photos. It is, as I said, just the best place to get the word out about them. The true ‘home’ for my photos is on Zenfolio in my Sports Photography Gallery, where they are stored in higher resolution and can be purchased as prints or downloads without the watermark. When I upload the photos to Facebook from Lightroom they all include a caption that links back to my Zenfolio gallery so that all the athletes and parents who see the photos on Facebook know where they can get them if they want.

Facebook seems to be ubiquitous but in reality not everyone has or wants to have an account on Facebook. But, if you set your page and albums up as ‘public’ then you can share any of the links on your page with anyone on the web. If they don’t have an account they will not be able to comment, etc, but they can view all the photos. If Facebook would just create some way of organizing the albums it would be a perfect solution for sharing photos for the parent-ographer.

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