Jan 292009

I had a hard time as I wrote my previous post on the annual Father-Daughter Ball. The front of the post card we received says the theme is: Daddys Are a Girl’s Best Friend. The text side of the card says the theme is: Daddy’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Obviously the second one is incorrect. Daddy is not possessive, such as “Daddy’s girl” nor is it a contraction, such as “Daddy’s gone fishing”.

But is the first one correct? The plural of Daddy is Daddies. One baby, two babies. One daddy, two daddies. So should the theme be Daddies Are a Girl’s Best Friend?

Wait! Who is a girl’s best friend? Her daddy. Not plural. I doubt Calvary Chapel believes a girl should have two daddies. Therefore, the grammarian in me contends that the theme should properly be Daddy Is A Girl’s Best Friend. This, of course, looses loses some of the play on the saying, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Guess I should have read the actual blog before commenting on facebook… It should actually be, “Jesus Is A Girl’s Best Friend, But In That Jesus Is Really Hard To Dance With, Daddy Is A Great Substitute.” Not very catchy, and might not have fit on a postcard..

  2. Yes, it should be “Daddy is a girl’s best friend.” :)

  3. Yes, Jeni, it does loose lose quite a bit of its pithiness. Sounds like a book title from the 1800s :)

  4. As I read your post on the grammar of Daddy being a girl’s best friend I can’t help but notice a googlelead ad from doubleclick.net with the picture of a striking blue-eyed blonde asking “Wanna be my SugarDaddy?” I’m certain I DON’T want to be her SugarDaddy, and I’m not even contemplating the best friend role. Not even. Yeah, I know you didn’t place this ad there, Gary. Now I’m curious as to whether my having read this post will now affect my future ads. Rather than wait to find out I’m going to run ccleaner and, hopefully, obscure my tracks.

  5. Aside from the ever-present apostrophe confusion we have in this country, you need to add losing/loosing to your personal list of frequently misused words. :D

  6. Ooops, the grammar police caught me! I corrected it above but must admit that using just one ‘o’ makes it look wrong.

    I certainly do not want to play fast and loose with my spelling since it will only go to show that I am a loser.

    Guess I will need to write a post about it so I can remember which one to use!

  7. John, It is funny sometimes what ads Google puts up. In the ad block above, right now I see these 5:

    • GoDaddy
    • Sugar Daddies
    • Daddy Little Girls (shopping.com)
    • Free Sugar Daddy Dating
    • Gerber Life Grow-Up Plan

    I guess ‘Daddy’ is a popular key word. Hope it pays me lots!

  8. I’m pretty sure the ads that appear are not accidental. The websites are programmed to scan the page for key words and pull up relevant ads. Check out your lose/loose blog… you’ll see what I mean. Big Brother is EVERYWHERE! ;-)

  9. Yep. Google = Big Brother is not too far from the truth. Obviously they don’t do well sometimes, for example, on the Lose vs Loose post you mention the ads are all about weight loss not about spelling improvement. :)

  10. Surely it should be “Daddies are a girls’ best friend”?

    • Re: Surely it should be “Daddies are a girls’ best friend”?

      Curious why: ‘a’ girls’ Are you not using a singular article with a plural noun? If you got rid of the ‘a’ your sentence would be gramatically correct.

  11. Since ads are generated by what you view I question those who are saying that sugar daddy and dating sites are appearing while reading this…mine shows the same ads related to my hobby…thanks for clearing up the daddy, daddys, daddies confusion for me for my father’s day note.

  12. After reading your blurb shouldn’t it be: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? If so, than you missed an apostrophe.

    I also noticed that you crossed out “loose” like you thought it might belong here, it doesn’t. “Loose” describes something baggy or needs tightening (i.e. the screw is loose). “Lose” is used when something is missing.

    • Hally, you are absolutely correct. it is “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” — not sure why I left the apostrophe off. Now corrected.

      And the crossed out “Loose” is must an inside joke. It is a word I always want to spell incorrectly.

      • SO… Where did it all land with Dad? I’m curious.

        1. Daddies are a girls’ best friend. (Plural)

        2. Daddy’s best friend. (Possessive)

        Then, what are your thoughts about:

        1. Daddys everywhere – UNITE! (Is this correct with no apostrophe? I saw a t-shirt spelled this way!)

        2. Daddy’s watching the game. (Contraction: “Daddy IS watching…”)

        I’m enthralled and amused by this conversation. No LOSERS here amongst you!

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