Jun 042013

Darya Pino Rose.

Modern weight-loss diets are temporary eating plans that emphasize single nutrients and restriction over real food and lifelong habits. Foodists, in contrast, focus on real, high-quality foods in order to optimize our quality of life.

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If your ‘diet’ is something you do until you hit your ‘goal weight’ and then plan on going back to your old eating habits, then you may as well also plan on going back to your original weight. Temporary changes to your diet bring only temporary changes to your weight.

Instead, focus on real food, high-quality food, food that has not been so over-processed that it requires infused salt, sugar, and fat to make it palatable.

  3 Responses to “Diet is a four-letter word”

  1. That’s great and true, but sometimes even people who eat real food still need to lose weight. Not drinking sugar and not eating processed foods will only help you lose weight if you currently are consuming those things.

    • Very true. Many of us though are stuck on the Standard American Diet (SAD) which consists primarily of food out of boxes and bags. The first step is to remove those things.

      I, too, am curious what the author is going to recommend as the next step since, as you say, it is still possible to need to loose some pounds even if you eat healthy foods.

  2. Do you have to loose the pounds before you can lose them? :)

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