Aug 162013

Digital Wildlife Photography.
John and Barbara Gerlach.

Many cameras offer a second and superior form of histogram. It’s called an “RGB” histogram and it separately displays the histograms of each of the three color channels superimposed onto one image. The separate color data eliminates the subtle errors of the green favoring luminous histogram. Barbara and I use RGB histograms exclusively, and every year we teach hundreds of our students to do the same to achieve fabulous exposures. If you’re buying a new camera, be sure to look for this very important feature. The RGB histogram is always the camera’s most accurate means of evaluating your exposures. We will say more about histograms in Chapter 3.

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I have always set up my camera to display the single larger luminous histogram and not the RGB histogram. The author makes a great case for using the RGB histogram instead of the luminous histogram and I have changed the settings on my camera to make this my default.

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