Nov 072005

EvilMicro I just ran across my first cache contained in one of these diabolical containers. It is so small that I think the paper log inside will need to be replaced after 25 or fewer finders. The container measures a mere 7/16″ tall by 5/16″ in diameter. It has a magnetic base that allows it to stick in many places.

EvilMicro Still it is so amazingly small that it makes any urban cache difficult to find. We searched the area 2 times without any luck. It was only after I saw a picture of this container that I realized what I was probably looking for then went back and found it.

I found an advertisement for these containers selling them for $1.89 each. Not too bad – but I will stick with a little larger container for my hides.


  • Strong magnetic base
  • Waterproof
  • Rustproof design
  • Paintable

  One Response to “Evil Micro Cache – The Ultimate Urban GeoCache Container?”

  1. Found one of these yesterday. I was very impressed and decided to find out more. It was a real cache container.

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