Sep 192021


Pull FAQs from posts and turn into 1 minute videos that can be posted on:

  • YouTube
  • MCI website KB along with the FAQ
  • On Social Media using Social Bee


SEO content for the website


  • Rewrite each FAQ with Hook, Ignite, Solution, CTA
    • Develop Hook & Ignite for each FAQ.
    • Rewrite FAQ as Solution
    • CTA: Call and speak to one of our licensed agents or request a quote.
  • Create Wave.Video using above text
  • Publish Reworked Text & Video on:
    • YouTube
    • MCI Knoledge Base
    • Answer People Also Ask questions
    • SocialBee “Did You Know FAQs”

BlitzMedia 1 Minute Video Summary

Hook (3 seconds) – This part should capture the attention of your audience IMMEDIATELY. There’ll be no room for a video bumper, your name or reusing what you see in a TV spot.

Ignite pain/pleasure (12 seconds) – Present a problem or opportunity to your audience. Ask a question, show either success or failure, make clear the benefit of them watching on.

Describe solution (35 seconds) – Once you present either pain or pleasure, show them what solution you’re offering: either a product or a service that caters to your pain or pleasure proposition.

Call to action (10 seconds) – Tell your audience what you want them to do. Empower them to take action and be proactive.

Source: BlitzMetrics:


  • Search old SocialBee “Did You Know FAQs”
  • Search old FAQs in MCI posts


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