Jan 102013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
Page: 43
The reason most diets fail is simply that people can’t stick with them. People crave the richness of fat and quickly either fall of the wagon or try to satisfy their hunger by eating too much starch and sugar. That’s why low-fat diets require you to count calories–essentially to go hungry. Low-carb diets are easier to follow because you can eat satisfying amounts of food. However, they often make the mistake of restricting too many foods. Currently popular low-carb diets limit fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and sweets and usually can’t resist throwing in some low-cholesterol advice. All these restrictions inevitably lead to food cravings and diet failure. However, most important, they divert attention from the real culprits: foods that raise your body’s demands for insulin.

I have been amazed how my appetite has dwindled. I no longer have an urge for a snack 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It used to be that just the sight of some confection would cause my mouth to water and my fingers to reach out. Now, I can just say they look nice but have no compunction to put them in my mouth.

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