Jan 132015

Fitbit 2015-01-11

The holiday blues have finally passed. At least that is the excuse I am using for letting my Fitbit numbers drop so much in November and December.

2015 Fitbit Goals

  • Daily: 15k steps minimum but try my best to get more than 20k. This means I will do whatever it takes to get to 15k each day but hopefully I will hit 20k most days of the week.
  • Weekly: 140k steps which is 20k per day average but I am hoping to hit 150k+ most weeks
  • Monthly: 600k steps which is right in line with 20k per day.

So far I have been able to hit 15k every day this month and 10 of the 12 days have been over 20k.

Hoping I can keep this up. I have been participating in some of the Weekday Fitbit Challenges which has helped push me each day since each Fitbit’er is trying to race ahead of the other or stay in the lead.

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