Jan 142011


What do you do after you have learned how to use a GPS and have found a couple hundred caches? You already know how to use a GPS and your geo-senses.

A Geocaching 101 class was held last February, giving some of the basics of geocaching along with searching for a couple of geocaches to help newbies.

How about a Geocaching 102 class to take your geocaching skills to the next level? How do you keep track of all your finds, keep notes about caches you are still looking for, and load all this information into just about any GPS. GSAK, the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife is just such a program. The GSAK web site says:

GSAK is the all in one Geocaching and waypoint management tool. Major features include: Multiple databases, sending/receiving waypoints to GPSr, Google maps, conversion to many mapping formats, PDA output (including CacheMate support), HTML output, extensive searching, macro support, backup and restore, distance/direction from other waypoints (including caches, locations, post codes) and much more

I have used GSAK for 7 years and still don’t know its full potential because it keeps getting better and better! And, because it can do so much, it can be quite intimidating to get started.

Geocaching 102: MeAndBrea used her ‘connections’ to get a room with computers at the Richland Community Center. Looked like we had a dozen people show up for the class that cost $5 per family for Richland residents and $7 if you don’t live in Richland. MazeRacer did a great job showing everyone how to get started (and then some) with GSAK. He asked me to be on hand to roam the room helping individuals with issues as they arose.


Do you have any ideas for a Geocaching 103 class? Or maybe even some ideas for GSAK 102?

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