Dec 022013

Google Wallet Card

It has arrived! Now just need a #Google #Chromebook to go with my #GoogleWalletCard

It is a MasterCard debit card that pulls money from your Google Wallet account. No more do you have to go hunting for NFC enabled terminals (I have only been able to do this once when I first got Google Wallet and searched for a 7-11 that had the machines).

My plan is to keep around $50 in my Google Wallet account. If my card is somehow compromised I don’t have to worry about them draining my bank account like my regular debit card. If I buy something more than $50, I can easily transfer the cash from my bank account to my Google Wallet account right from the Google Wallet app on my phone or from any computer if available.

What caught my attention is that there is no ‘raised’ lettering on this card. Makes sense, the raised lettering was used by the old hand operated credit card machines and a debit card should never be run on one of those machines since they are designed for the cash to come out of your account immediately.

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