Oct 212006

Scrybe is a very interesting organizer that is grounded in giving the user the context for their data. I have been using AirSet happily for quite a while but like what I see in the video, especially the ‘paper sync’ that puts your information in your pocket for those times when you don’t have your […]

Apr 122006

::iimageright(“airset2.jpg”,”Icons”):: I have mentioned [AirSet->AirSet – Web Based Calendar, Contacts, Lists, WebLinks, and More] before as a great web based program to keep you calendar and contact info. I keep Outlook, my Palm Tungsten T3, and AirSet sync’d. What makes the program so useful though is that you can have multiple calendars and share them […]

Sep 232005

Jeffrey Yamaguchi over at 52 Projects gives his NOT-to-do List. A list of things you should not do when you have a big project that needs to ‘get done’ So this is NOT a to-do list. This is a not-to-do list. You don’t need to check anything off, because these are things YOU ARE NOT […]

Jun 272005

Car care is one of those things I can do but don’t ever seem to ‘find’ the time to do it. My ToDo list has regular oil checks and changes and tire pressure checks scheduled regularly but must admit most other checks get done when there is a problem and the mechanic asks, “Have you […]

May 182005

43Folders has a very good article out titled Because buying new running shoes is more fun than actually running . It discusses what I am (and obviously many others are) guilty of doing. I have always called it “Aggressively Getting Ready” since instead of doing what needs to be done you plan and you play […]

Nov 142004

I really am a sucker for checklists. Most of my hobbies have always incorporated some kind of checklist – from stamp collecting to astronomical observing and even geocaching – even if you do not have a handle on anything else in your life, at least you can check-off something from a list.Well, this may be […]