Jan 092013

In my previous discussions I have attributed motives to the Brady Campaign that they do not admit. They are smart. They hope to dupe us. Feinstein admitted to wanting to ban all guns back in 1994 in the video I posted earlier. The democrats and Handgun Inc (now Brady) learned their lesson. Now all they want are ‘reasonable’ gun control measures. Name 1 that is ‘reasonable’. Will they promise no more after these? No. Why? Because there will be another shooting after any new law is passed, so they will propose more laws “for the children”, and then more, until finally all the guns will be banned. We will end up like England where the violent crimes per capita is much higher than in the US (but at least they are not using guns).

Sarah Brady recently said, “I don’t know exactly what measures need to be taken….” but does that stop the gun control crowd from proposing a ban a certain class of weapons that are responsible for only a small percentage of the crime statistics quoted? No. If we want to stop all the gun-related homicides & suicides what needs to be done? If all that is left are 2-shot deringers then there will still be gun related homicides & suicides. Those will have to go, too. I really don’t understand how this is not obvious. If the goal is to stop gun violence, I don’t think there is any solution yet they are unwilling to state the obvious. Why? Politics, aka duplicity.

When you hear anyone proposing so-called ‘sensible’ gun control, ask them how it will work to reduce the violence. If they say “Its a good start” then you have your answer to what their end goal is.

It is not about guns, it is about freedom. Any ‘reasonable’ laws that ban the sale of a certain type of gun that doesn’t include confiscation of similar weapons now is just restricting the rights of our kids & grandkids in a way we are not willing to impose on ourselves, in other words, incrementalism. I don’t believe banning a certain class of sport-utility weapons will have any more impact on gun violence than would calling Humvees and Expeditions “assault vehicles” and banning them would decrease the number of children killed in car accidents. Such a law does not reduce the number of guns either in the hands of criminals or law abiding citizens.

What is incredible is that the mere threat of banning these sports-utility weapons has driven gun sales through the roof. The Brady Campain and their fellow gun-ophobes have actually caused the number of guns in circulation to jump to an all time high with many gun sellers seeing record sales.

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