Sep 102011
Lagunitas' Wilco Tango Foxtrot, a Black IPA

WTF FTW, LOL. While in Spokane this weekend to watch 3 of my kids run the Tracy Walters Cross Country Meet I stopped into the local Albertson’s to see if they had any interesting craft beers to try out. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of beers I could bring home to sample. […]

Sep 202010
Terminal Gravity Brewery

On our drive to check out Wallowa Lake, I noticed a sign saying, “Terminal Gravity Brewery – 1 block”. I was sure I had heard of it before and even if I hadn’t we would have to stop on our way back down. So, after cheking out the Oregon State Campground for a future adventure […]

Sep 072010
Beer: Sheaf Stout by Carlton & United Breweries

I picked up this 750ml bottle of Sheaf Stout at Albertson’s on Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick this weekend. Albertson’s has this beer priced at a very respectable $2.79 for the 25oz. bottle with an above average 5.70% ABV. Sheaf Stout is an Australian import from a subsidiary of Foster’s Group. The company website says Sheaf […]