Jan 102013
Presidential Rule by Executive Fiat - This is Change.

I thought Bush was a bad president but Obama’s desire to rule by Executive Order is scary. Glad the House of Representatives is held by the opposing party. I hope they have the cojones to stand up to the President. I would never have voted for Newt Gingrich for President, but as the voice of […]

Sep 242012
Mom Gave Up - Lunchables

In the name of truth-in-advertising, Smosh.com has re-branded some popular snackfoods. It is sad to see teens eating these. Anything with more than 100 ingredients belongs in a chemistry class, not a lunchbox.

Sep 202012
Webmaster Tools: Severe Health Issues: Malware Detected?

When I happened to pop into Webmaster Tools today (for a completely unrelated reason) it reported that some kind of malware had been detected on this site. Argh! Of course nothing that was clickable on the warning page gave me any idea of anything concrete I could do to fix the problem so I resorted […]