Jun 112012
Underscore in Canon Image File Names

A mystery solved. Filenames on Canon EOS cameras, like the T2i, 60D, 7D, etc all use the pattern IMG_xxxx.JPG or IMG_xxxx.CR2. One day I noticed all the filenames on my Canon T2i started with an underscore replacing the ‘I’, so they started with ‘_MG_xxxx’. I didn’t know what I had done but wasn’t worried cause […]

Jan 192012
Boosting Volume of MP3 Files

I listen to quite a few audiobooks and I find that my MP3 players have never been able to play them at sufficient volume. Sometimes it is the fault of the player but sometimes it is the fault of the original material. On my old Sansa MP3 player I installed a hack that allowed you […]

Oct 222011
2011 CBBN Cross Country District Championships

Hard to believe the cross country season is almost over. For more than half the runners here, today was their last cross country race of the season since not every team advances to the Regional meet and there will not be any more JV races. 3A Boys Varsity Following up on the League Meet last […]

Feb 192011
Vegas Baby!

Flight crew made the trip from Spokane to Vegas interesting. From the pre-flight pep talk to the final reminder to remove your children from the overhead bins, they were a hoot. Definitely made the trip more interesting. Now on to Ft. Lauderdale and tomorrow the cruise ship!

Feb 122011
2011 UW Open Indoor Track Meet

Kevin and Kyle along with some of their friends are headed to Seattle for the University of Washington Open Indoor Track Meet. Kevin & Kyle along with Taylor Kraal will all be running the 800m and the 1-mile. Looks like Anthony Armstrong is signed up for the 3000m and Jerrod Johnston will run the 60m […]

Jan 292009

::imageright(“http://www.foxnews.com/images/497121/0_61_zombies_320.jpg”):: Texas has not been overrun by Zombies but apparently there are a number of smart hackers. Two road signs in Austin, which are supposed to warn drivers about upcoming construction, instead warned of zombies. The local news video show these ‘warnings’: Zombies Ahead. Run!!! Caution! Zombies! Ahead!!! Zombies in Area! Run Nazi Zombies! Run!!! […]

Mar 212008

I just read a portion of wedding exhortation that Pastor Doug Wilson, over at Christ Church in Moscow, gave at a recent wedding and wanted to pass it along. Brad, the worst thing that an explorer can do, once he has found a delightful country, is to settle there in a way that causes him […]