Sep 062006
Mount Rainier - Silver Falls

After returning to camp from our hike up to Dege Peak we decided to see Silver Falls. You can walk from the Ohanapecosh Campground or park along Highway 123. The route from the campground is about a 3 mile loop, from the highway pullout it is less than half a mile. We decided that the […]

Aug 132006

Just got back from a 10 day vacation. It was good to get away from everything and relax. Only had internet access for about an hour when Von and I found a closed coffee shop at 10pm that had wifi available in the parking lot. Caught up on some email and sent some photos to […]

Jul 252006

::iimageright(“tow-n-see1.jpg”,”Tow-n-See”):: I have been looking for some extension mirrors for the Expedition when we pull our 26′ Arctic Fox trailer. Our old van had truck-style mirrors that you could ‘flip out’ when needed and some of the Ford Pickups have power mirrors that you can extend, but not the Expedition. When pulling a trailer you […]

Feb 212006
Cache & Camping Day - Round 2

Activity choices are pretty limited in Walla Walla this time of year. The wineries would be open but 4 kids in tow probably would not make us welcome. We decided to do some geocaching. Von would be our chauffeur, I would be the navigator, and we would see how many caches we could do while […]

Jan 152006

GPS Visualizer is a great online utility that can handle just about any mapping need you may have. It can create maps from GPS data, street addresses, or simple coordinates. It will take data from all kinds of digital sources as well as manually. GPS Visualizer can read data files from many different sources: GPX, […]

Aug 312005

::imageright(“”,”Align-Quik Hitching Guides”):: While looking for something else online after buying our trailer I ran across these Align-Quik Hitching Guides. The idea made sense. They are simply two metal poles angled just right with adjustable magnetic bases that you can attach to your hitch and trailer so that when you are perfectly lined up with […]