Oct 202012

I just bought a collection of sci-fi e-books, which includes Cory Doctorow’s newest book, “Pirate Cinema”, Neil Gaiman’s “Signal to Noise”, and comic bundles from xkcd and others. These are all DRM-free so you can read them on everything, your phone, your e-reader, and your computer without worry.

I am amazed that they have collected just shy of a million dollars on average sales of $13.83 from 72,000 purchases. The money goes to the authors, charities (including the EFF), and to Humble Bundle to cover expenses.

Thirteen works of literary genius. Humble eBook Bundle features thirteen masterful works from a prodigious league of award-winning authors and artists. Name your price and receive Pirate Cinema, Pump Six and Other Stories, Zoo City, Invasion: The Secret World Chronicle, Stranger Things Happen, and Magic for Beginners. Customers who beat the average price will also get Old Man’s War, comic collections Attack of the Bacon Robots, Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings, Save Yourself, Mammal!, The Most Dangerous Game, xkcd: volume 0, and graphic novel Signal to Noise!

Pay what you want. Separately, this collection of fantastic novels and comics would cost around $157. But we’re letting you set the price!

I heard about this when listening to Cory Doctorow on this week’s TWIT podcast.

Looks like I have my reading cut out for me.

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