Jun 112013

Darya Pino Rose.

One thing I’ve discovered since switching to unprocessed, real food is that most of the things I considered decadent treats in the past really aren’t as good as I thought they were. When you start to appreciate that even vegetables can taste amazing, your standards for what is worth eating drastically rise. Also, your palate acclimates to real flavors, and it becomes easy to recognize the overly sweet, salty, and creamy (i.e., fatty) concoctions that pass for indulgence in the industrial food chain. Your mouth starts perceiving these imitations for what they really are: bad for you, without any real taste.

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Many of the desserts on our recent cruise seemed bland. Makes me wonder if they were any different than past desserts or if, having cut out added sugar in my daily eating, I no longer have cravings for things sweet.

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  2 Responses to “Industrial Indulgences or Decadent Treats”

  1. Gary, I almost never eat any packaged desserts. Prefer my own cakes, pies, cookies, ice creams, etc – made with organic, as local as possible ingredients and with reduced sugars but no artificial sweeteners or other ugly additives. And on most days, delicious organic fresh fruit is all the dessert one needs!

  2. Jean, those images on your blog look scrumptious! I was just telling my wife it would be interesting to make our own ice cream – High Fat, Low Sugar?

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