Feb 152014

How To Be Interesting - Weirdness I just finished “How to Be Interesting” by Jessica Hagy. Could have easily finished it in day but hoped the brief pages would sink in more if I did not rush it. Instead I read a chapter a day and after 10 days I don’t believe I am any more interesting.

The drawings are cute and the sayings are what you would expect from a motivational speaker. Maybe I just need more work to become interesting than these. If they were posted individually on Facebook or Pinterest I am sure they would get lots of likes & shares but a book full of them is like 1 too many cat videos.

The only way I can imagine using these “web comics” would be to post one a day or so internally at the office to encourage dialog and outside the box thinking. Pretty sure that is not a ‘legal’ use of the book.

If you would like to see some of the images from the book, here is a google search for How to Be Interesting by Jessica Hagy

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      2 Responses to “How to Be Interesting – Could have been more interesting”

    1. You are already interesting, Gary, confident in yourself, and have an active social life. You probably don’t need much of what this book has to offer. There are those that will find this book fascinating. Me, for one. I lack your self-confidence and, as an analytic introvert, I find having an active social life to be challenging. I realize I can be interesting, though I can certainly be a bore and, occasionally, a boor. I derived meaningful insight from almost every one of the “web cartoons” and have already implemented two of the ideas by doing something completely different this weekend and using a pair of dice to decide what it would be. (The dice helped me escape the paralysis of analysis in deciding what would be “best” to do and to just do something!) Small things, true, but better than sitting at home being uninteresting. I’m looking forward to working through the rest of the book.

      • Ha! I checked the book out cause I was hoping for some help. :) I think I just need more detail spelling out the steps from A to B rather than just a little diagram. I would much rather sit home and read a book or go for a quiet walk by myself than to have to carry on a conversation with someone.

        Glad the dice helped you to get out. Myself, I would probably have just stayed home. Will be interested to hear the rest of your take on the book!

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