May 172007

My wife continues to shatter my altered reality and remind me that I am getting older. It is sad but true, yet getting older does beat the alternative. We have decided it was time to work on our will. To do that I will probably have to sit down with someone, and they will look over all my stuff. So, before I do that I want to have some of that ‘stuff’ in order.

Life Insurance

One of the main items on the list is still life insurance. Even though my oldest kids would be saddened by my departing this world, they would get by. But that still leaves a handful of kids and a dear wife who have depended on my monthly paycheck to keep themselves fed and clothed as well as enjoying a few of life’s pleasures. We had not updated my life insurance for years and finances have changed considerably.

I decided to go online and see what I could find. I filled out a couple of the online lead generators like and promptly received some quotes from a couple of agents.

I got a ballpark quote from each of them for $500,000 of life insurance based on my age, height, weight, and general good health. From those quotes I picked two to go with. An “internet agent” who does all his business long distance and a local agent who also buys the same leads.

A couple of the internet agents gave me quotes from the same companies. I chose the one because he was a good salesman. Not only did he call me within 15 minutes of my clicking submit to the generic lead site, but when I gave him the standard, “Let me think about it” line he countered with, “Why don’t we get the paperwork started, you keep shopping, and if this turns out to be the best rate you can sign the paperwork”. The local agent came across as a nice guy and I wanted to say I tried to shop locally but his price was a bit higher so I figured I was just going through the motions with his.

The nurses were scheduled for the two policies to come by, both did their quick little routine of drawing blood, collecting pee samples, etc., and then it was time to wait and see.

Disappointment set in when the internet agent called and told me that my cholesterol ratio was not where it should be, so the company had uprated the policy an extra $35 per month. I waited a day or two then called the local agent to see what he heard. He checked with his underwriter and found out that they had a similar concern but did not know what the new rate was yet and that he would contact me in a couple days when it was through underwriting.

He called me two days late and said that they had uprated it some, but he had talked to his underwriters and they had not uprated it as much as they would have normally. He told me the price and it was only $10 more a month than I was expecting from them and so told him it was a go. We met a couple days later for me to give him the money and start the policy.

Now that that is done, I else I want to have done before I sit across from the lawyer so he does not laugh when he looks at my ‘situation’.

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