Jun 252013
Trikke 10+ Mile Challenge - Day 2

2nd day of my challenge to see how many consecutive days I can ride my Trikke 10+ miles. Columbia Park is a much more difficult ride. The first half of the the trail is in Columbia Park and this portion of the trail is not maintained as well as some of the other portions of […]

Jun 012013
Off to Alaska - Star Princess Cruise on the Cheap

I had mentioned a long while back to a friend of mine, Jim Carey, who works for Cruise Holidays that I would be interested in hearing about any special rates he finds for cruises. He ended up messaging me a couple weeks ago that the Star Princess Alaska Cruise had a special rate for an […]

May 282013
Bokashi Composting - Pickling Your Garbage

My wife asked me to drill some holes in some of the plastic 5-gallon buckets so she could start composting our household waste on a small scale. When I finally got around to it and asked her how many holes and where on the bucket, she figured it was just one more ploy to delay […]

Apr 052013
Mobile Banking - Depositing Checks by Phone

I just received a reminder from Ally Bank (where I keep my emergency fund) mentioning it is possible to deposit checks remotely by simply taking a picture of the check with my smart phone and submitting the images to them. I do not have to deposit very many checks but this would be so convenient […]

Dec 282012
Conceal Carry Pistols - Decisions

After having a concealed pistol license in Washington for 10 years, I finally decided that I should put it to use and buy a gun that I can actually carry. Washington state law requires you have a concealed pistol license (CPL) when you: Carry a pistol concealed on your person. Carry or place a loaded […]

Feb 262012
Programming a Prius to Disable the Backup Beep

Just purchased a 2012 Prius V (why have I not written about that yet?) and one of the more active topics on the PriusChat forums is how to disable the annoying backup beep that sounds continuously while you are in reverse. Now, you might think that a backup beep is a great feature. Only problem […]