Aug 262013
Fat Burning with Abel James on CreativeLIVE

CreativeLIVE used to be just about photographers but this year branched out to include business, software, lifestyle and other topics in the live classes you can watch for free or (hopefully) purchase to watch at your leisure. Most of the classes go from 9am to 4pm with a 45 minute break for lunch. But what […]

Nov 192012
Good Health is Good Business 100-Day Wellness Challenge

Today marked the finale of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce’s “Good Health is Good Business Challenge”; a 100 days of wellness program designed to promote the benefits of workplace wellness. Over 400 individuals signed up for the challenges and participated. The Challenge offered three ways to participate. The Lifestyle Challenge utilized a point system […]

Oct 252012
Sugar Hill - Steve Gibson Kicks My Fat Butt into Low-Carb Gear

Steve Gibson is a computer and cyber-security expert who I have listened to for years on the “Security Now” podcast with Leo Laporte. Earlier this year he began experimenting with a very low-carb diet and began hinting about it while discussing his book recommendations in a couple of the April Security Now podcasts. In May […]