Oct 092012
Weight Loss: Men vs Women

Von and I have both been eating the same basic foods for the last 4 months yet I have lost twice as much weight as she has. Why is it that guys seem to be able to lose weight easier than gals? I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s interview of Jenny Ruhl from back in […]

Sep 222012
Wheat Belly - Not Just a Scientific Horror Story

In the comment section of the latest Wheat Belly blog, someone asked what can you eat if you don’t eat wheat, I love the response: I’m going to guess that you haven’t read the WB book, because it’s not just a scientific horror story, it’s a scientific horror story with recipes. Source: Diabetes: “Cured by […]

Jun 162012

Dr. Peter Attia’s blog, The War on Insulin and the Defense of Fat, overflows with information. The doctor shares not just well written posts but he interacts with almost every reader’s comments so that the comments provide just as much info as the original post. Not something you run into very often. His response here […]

Jun 112012

A very interesting post by “Dr. Jay,” author of “My Big Fat Diet”, looking at the other ailments that a LCHF (Low Carb / High Fat) lifestyle may alleviate. The main reason I decided to cut carbs out of my diet was because of the swelling caused by large amounts of fat inside my body […]