Aug 112005

BBC News reports:

US software giant Microsoft has won a $7m (?3.9m) court settlement from a businessman considered to be one of the world’s biggest senders of spam e-mail.

I really like the quote from Brad Smith, Microsoft chief counsel:

We have now proven that we can take one of the most profitable spammers in the world and separate him from his money

Microsoft states they will use the proceeds to continue their fight against spammers. I believe even Matt will have to tip his hat to Microsoft on this one :)

  9 Responses to “Microsoft wins $7 Million from Spammer”

  1. I do! *tips hat to Microsoft* And in the next sentence, I make once again make fun of Bill Gates while surmising that he will not live up to his vow in January 2004 that “spam will be solved in two years.”

  2. Nostradamus sounds more of a prophet than ole Bill. Wasn’t he the one that said no one needs more than 64k memory??

  3. It was 640k. :-) But hey, at one time that seemed like a lot.


  4. That’s right, 640k not 64k. 64k was my old Commodore 64.

  5. And even that wasn’t enough for it! I remember! :-D You wouldn’t believe all the Commodore 64 stuff that friends have given me over the last two years. It all started when I bought one on a whim from Value Village. Soon everyone who knew that I had one was giving me their old Commodore stuff. I even got a Commodore 64 C compiler from an old college professor!

  6. Want anything else? I just threw out (or I should say Von just threw out) a bunch of old Commodore Transactor magazines. I saved some of the old books.

    When we were cleaning out the garage last year I called everyone I knew from the old Commodore Computer Club days who might be interested in my stash – everyone I talked to had either given away all their stuff or had 10 of everything.

    But if you (or anyone else) wants some of the original programming books etc. let me know and will list out what I still have.

  7. Yeah, I’d like to have them! That’s too bad she threw out the magazines. There’s something fun about collecting antiquated computer equipment, if nothing else for the historical value.

  8. eh…you’d like some old computer monitors, then! Say, thirty? For historical value, if nothing else.

  9. LOL! Do you still have those?! If I had any space on my desk left, I’d take one, but unfortunately I don’t. :-/ Hmm… maybe I can make room for one though… I’d really like to have double monitors at home. :-)

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