Jul 192005

::imageright(“/images/mmmgun-small.jpg”,”Marshmallow Gun Diagram”):: Am putting together a bunch of mini marshmallow guns (or shooters) for our company picnic later this week.

I have made these in the past and they are a hoot. A couple pieces of pvc some elbows and tees and a bag of marshmallows – then let the kids at it.

A marshmallow is dropped into the ‘chamber’ and then the shooter applies a blast of air to the pipe. The marshmallow can travel 40 or 50 feet depending on the skill and size of the shooter.

::imageright(“/images/mmgun.jpg”,”Marshmallow Gun”):: They have almost as much fun designing different ‘guns’ – from pistol designs to sniper rifles – as they do pelting each other with marshmallows.

If you need something to print out, here is a PDF file of instructions on how to build one.

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  1. The guns were a hit at the company party. All the kids had a great time shooting each other and the adults with marshmallows. The only suggestion someone had was to try Kix cereal next time – it would not leave the sticky mess on the concrete.

  2. you have the worst marshmallow shooter on the planet. I hate you!!!

  3. lol. I guess if I have to be hated for something this is what I might choose!

  4. So, did the Kix work in the marshmallow shooter?

  5. This is a great marshmallow gun, I think you did a great job on the schematic, and that the blueprint is great.


    PVC is a poisonous! If you put your mouth on it too much you can get cancer. This is not a joke people, if you don’t belive me then PLEASE look it up!

  7. poisonous…funny, states right on the pvc tubing that it is for drinking water use.

  8. I make and sell about 1000 of these every year. Using schedule 40 pvc, which probably is the water line in your house. I doubt seriously they would approve something to be used in your house that would cause cancer………… I believe that schedule 40 pvc is manufactured from a different product that the rest is…. Just sayin

  9. I would like your permission to use the exploded drawing of the shooter. I keep trying to draw my own to no avail. Thanks Cliff

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