Apr 052013
Mobile Banking - Depositing Checks by Phone

I just received a reminder from Ally Bank (where I keep my emergency fund) mentioning it is possible to deposit checks remotely by simply taking a picture of the check with my smart phone and submitting the images to them. I do not have to deposit very many checks but this would be so convenient […]

Jun 202012
Costco Reward Gift Certificate Check

If you are an ‘Executive Member’ of Costco you receive a 2% reward on most purchases made throughout the year. We just received our ‘Reward Gift Certificate’ in the mail and was pleasantly surprised until I realized how much money we must have spent to get that check! An executive member can receive a whopping […]

May 172007
Life Insurance

My wife continues to shatter my altered reality and remind me that I am getting older. It is sad but true, yet getting older does beat the alternative. We have decided it was time to work on our will. To do that I will probably have to sit down with someone, and they will look […]