Oct 162008

::imageright(“http://www.secstate.wa.gov/images/icon_myvote.png”,”My Vote”)::

As I was looking at the online voters guide for Washington State, I came across a link to My Vote. This is a great link because it will show what political races will show up on my ballot instead of the hundereds of races the primary Voter Guide link shows.

Not only can I see my own ‘personalized’ voter guide, it also shows all my current elected representatives for Federal, State, Judicial, and even Local offices. Most of the positions provide mailing addresses, phone numbers, websites, and email addresses.

If you wonder if you are registered to vote you can verify your status on this page. Mine shows:

Voter Status Active

It appears you can change your address and also find out which elections you have voted in since September 2005.

To access the page you must enter your name and birthday. Since there is nothing personal on these pages, I am guessing that the only reason they ask for my birthday is to differentiate people with the same name. Only thing that might be incriminating is that it will show anyone who knows your name and birthday which elections you were too lazy to drop a ballot in the mail.

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