Nov 172008

Many of the programs we use in our office make different sounds when they need attention. We use [Miranda-IM->Miranda Instant Messenger] to ‘chat’ between desks and Pegasus for our internal e-mail program. Both of these work much better if you can get an audio cue when a new message comes in. Some folks in the office feel they need to mute their sounds which means they do not always notice when a new message is sent to them that a call or client is waiting for them. I found a little utility called NirCmd that will unmute the system sound. By running it in everyone’s task scheduler every half hour I can ensure that the sound is usually turned on.

Here are some of the things this program can do:

  • Increase & Decrease the system volume
  • Mute & UnMute the system volume
  • Create shortcuts
  • Turn off the monitor
  • Start the default screen saver
  • Put your computer in ‘standby’ mode
  • Log off the current user
  • Ask if you want to reboot, and if you answer ‘Yes’, reboot the computer.
  • Turn off your computer
  • Minimize all your Internet Explorer windows
  • Close/Hide/Show all your Internet Explorer windows
  • Close all your Explorer windows (My Computer, folders, and so on)
  • Hide/Show the start button on the system tray
  • Hide/Show the clock on the system tray
  • Set the display mode
  • Open the desired Registry key/value in RegEdit
  • Enable/Disable the screen saver
  • Change the date/time of the specified filename (creation time and modified time)
  • Open & Close CD-ROM drives
  • and many others

Besides being a very interesting way to ‘haunt’ someone’s computer, I can see a number of different ways to use this little program.

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