May 072011

Finally processed the photos from the Columbia Basin Big Nine league meet on April 28th, 2011. This time Kamiakin & Southridge traveled to Yakima to run against West Valley at their Chuck Millard Track.

Links to all the photos can be found below, but here are my favorites from the photos I took:

2011-04-28 18.46.56 D60 2011-04-28 18.31.23 D60 2011-04-28 17.51.52 D60 2011-04-28 17.47.54 D60

  5 Responses to “Photo Shoot Favorites: 2011-04-28 CBBN @ West Valley”

  1. Gary NICE JOB! Hopefully the athletes see these.

  2. Thanks Dave! Only 1 meet behind on processing photos now.

  3. when are districts/regionals and state?

  4. @Shelly, 13th & 20th, next 2 Fridays!

  5. Nice. Wish I could be there, but at least I get a good idea of what’s happening through the pics!! Thanks. I for one REALLY appreciate it!!

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