Dec 012007
Kuna Caves

Having gone to high school in Boise, I had heard about the Kuna Caves but for some reason never made the 25 mile trek from Boise to check it out. The Kuna Caves are about 5 miles south of Kuna (out in the middle of nowhere) on public property managed by the Bureau of Land […]

Jan 022007
BSU - Fiesta Bowl - Woot!

Those who know me well know that I do not pay attention to footballl (or any sport) on TV or otherwise. But Boise State University went 12-0 this season, winning their conference championship and rated high enough in the national standings to be one of the teams play in the Fiesta Bowl. Why would I […]

Aug 282005
Morrison-Knudsen & Wake Island POWs

We were in Boise for the 84th birthday party for my father, Oscar Paulson. The people there were either family or co-workers from his years with Morrison-Knudsen (M-K). I listened in to an interesting conversations about the capture of Wake Island by the Japanese and the M-K construction workers who were taken prisoner. I did […]