Mar 092013

From what I read, most guns used in criminal homicides (already illegal) were stolen (already illegal) from law abiding Americans. Without banning all guns in America and confiscating guns from all Americans this fact will not change. Yet the gun-ophobes keep proposing laws that will not impact the very statistics they are citing.

Jan 292013
Washington State & Guns - Carrying Firearms

Where can you legally carry a pistol/handgun, loaded or unloaded, concealed or not while in Washington State? Even though the title of the following RCW (Revised Code of Washington) is “Carrying Firearms”, it only deals with handguns not all firearms and primarily with respect to conceal carry on the person and handguns in vehicles. RCW […]

Jan 092013

In my previous discussions I have attributed motives to the Brady Campaign that they do not admit. They are smart. They hope to dupe us. Feinstein admitted to wanting to ban all guns back in 1994 in the video I posted earlier. The democrats and Handgun Inc (now Brady) learned their lesson. Now all they […]